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“Breaking stylistic structures and redefining the boundaries between musical genres, Florencio Cruz unveils a new generation of saxophone performance. In an endless quest for freedom and innovation, he searches this perfect balance between past and future, concrete and abstract, acoustic and electronic”.

With over 3 million views on YouTube and a promising international career, this young and outrageously talented saxophonist and composer travels the world, proposing and sharing a profound, timeless and vibrant saxophone show

  1. The Believer Florencio Cruz 3:46
  2. El Camino Florencio Cruz 4:46
  3. Pueblo del sol Florencio Cruz 5:35
  4. Sky Voltage Florencio Cruz 3:26
  5. The three of life Florencio Cruz 5:16
  6. We are the universe Florencio Cruz 5:44
  7. Aura Florencio Cruz 3:13

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